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Nitinol Braiding

Aran Biomedical offers both vertical continuous reel-to-reel braiding, as well as horizontal reel-to-reel and mandrel braiding.  In additional to braiding of multifilament and monofilament polymeric yarns, Aran Biomedical also offers nitinol braiding, specifically for the development of implantable devices and delivery systems.  Devices can be stand-alone components or attached to the distal end of catheters for short term implantation.

Nitinol braiding technology

Our advanced software controlled equipment can accommodate braids ranging from 3 wire ends up to 96 ends with independent control for each individual wire, offering unique and accurate wire placement within the braided structure. This enables advanced designs such as bi-furcations, tri-furcations, transitions from round to flat, atraumatic ends, coils and overbraids.  Braid angles and pic count can be varied along the length of the device with very high precision, while a range of closed end configurations can be provided.  Devices can be heat set and shape formed to preferred dimensions, with the option for further downstream processing, if needed, to enable particular functionality. If you have a particular concept in mind our engineering team can support with specification development, to meet your required mechanical and dimensional requirements