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Trauma Solutions

Aran Biomedical’s expertise in high strength resorbable implantable solutions, is ideally suited to fracture fixation in the extremities and lower profile implants in cranio maxillofacial indications.  In addition, solutions such as PTFE and other biomaterial covered titanium implants can be tailored for orbital/ cranial repair and even dental applications.

BIO-XT Reinforced Resorbable Implants

Aran Biomedical Bio-XT processing technology enables the development of considerably higher strength resorbable implants, using the same resorbable material grades as those used in current products. The proprietary technology is based on the optimisation of the material microstructure, in which the material is physically orientated and reinforced but chemically unchanged. Resulting performance gains are enabled through maximisation of the inherent material mechanical properties, which are compromised during standard processing such as injection moulding and extrusion.

The strength and toughness increase achievable through the use of Bio-XT can facilitate disruptive innovations to orthopaedic implant design, including reinforced strength, reduced profile resorbable products, or higher levels of implant porosity. For trauma applications, next generation CMF plates and screws can utilise this technology to create lower profile implants that reduce the propensity of the implant to be palpable or visible on the skin surface. Where resorbable implants are used in the extremities, such as pins and screws, the higher strength could offer greater assurance of support throughout the healing process.

Resorbable plates for trauma related orthopaedic applications
Resorbable pins for trauma related orthoapedic applications

Covered Titanium Plates

Titanium reinforced plates are used to support bone reconstruction in craniomaxillofacial (CMF) or dental applications.  Micro thin, medical grade titanium provides the necessary load bearing strength required for these indications. The titanium is laser machined and electropolished into a desired framework configuration.

PTFE covered titanium plates

The titanium implants, once configured to the preferred design can be encapsulated with a range of biomaterials. Aran Biomedical’s cPTFE provides an anti-adhesive surface layer, affording easy implant extraction if required, while the frame can be encapsulated with other porous biomaterials, where tissue in-growth needs to be encouraged.