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Absorbable Implants

Absorbable Textiles

Aran Biomedical has significant expertise manufacturing absorbable textiles in either braided, knitted or woven form, such as absorbable mesh for hernia repair or absorbable sutures for sports medicine applications. Drawing on our biomaterials expertise, the textile and material composition is tailored to meet specific customer requirements, such as biocompatibility, degradation time, and tensile strength. Aran Biomedical characterise and carefully manage selected yarns through fabric preparation, processing and post processing steps. This ensures desired material properties are maintained and secured for the lifetime of the part. As part of our full product service offering, parts are typically supplied vacuum sealed, packaged and sterilised.

Bio-XT – High Strength Resorbable Implants

Bio-XT is a proprietary biomaterial processing technology which significantly reinforces absorbable implants. The process is based on the optimisation of the material microstructure, in which the material is physically orientated and reinforced but chemically unchanged. Resulting performance gains are enabled through maximisation of the inherent material mechanical properties, which are compromised during standard processing such as injection moulding and extrusion.

Absorbable Coatings & Coverings

As medical implantable solutions become more sophisticated, a diverse range of absorbable coating and covering solutions are employed to enable certain functionality.  This can include an absorbable coating for a stent, to control the rate of degradation or to provide short-term occlusion. Smooth impermeable barriers can also be applied to a knitted mesh or woven fabric, such that tissue ingrowth in the short term is encouraged only on one side.   Alternatively electrospun fabric can be created using absorbable materials to create a scaffold to promote the natural healing process.  Aran Biomedical employs its biomaterials expertise, along with processing and materials handling capabilities to custom design these absorbable implant solutions.

absorbable implant solutions

Resorbable Material Management

Materials are controlled through a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), to ISO standards, with activities carried out under cleanroom conditions.  This ensures quality and trace ability from resin to finished device.  In addition Aran Biomedical uses the following systems to ensure consistent quality of resorbable materials:

  • Degradation Control:  Testing and characterisation of the material degradation profile is completed using viscometers and moisture titration equipment, while material quality during and after processing is maintained using vacuum ovens.
  • Handing Facilities: resorbable materials are kept in cold storage and all units are vacuum sealed and packaged appropriately, to protect parts and maintain material integrity.