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Biomaterials Library

Biomaterials Sourcing

Aran Biomedical has a deep understanding of an extensive library of biomaterials, with a particular focus on polymers.

Our expertise includes homopolymers and compounds of both resorbable and non-resorbable materials, along with their respective characteristics such as mechanical performance, degradation profile, and biocompatibility. We source all of our biomaterials, in their original form, from trusted external partners. We then focus on optimising these materials using a broad range conversion processes to create biomaterial constructs and finished devices.

We prefer to select polymers which have a strong clinical history in order to minimise the regulatory pathway associated with device development and clinical implantation.

We offer traceability, accountability, quality, consistency and safety of supply chain from initial precursor substances to final materials production.

Resorbable Material Management: In order to ensure consistent quality, Aran Biomedical has a range of resorbable material management systems.

Degradation Control: viscometers and moisture titration equipment are used to characterise and test the material degradation profile, while vacuum ovens are employed to ensure material quality during and after processing.

Handing Facilities: resorbable materials are kept in cold storage and all units are vacuum sealed and packaged appropriately, to protect parts and maintain material integrity.

All material is controlled through a comprehensive Quality Management Systems (QMS) system, to ISO standards, with activities carried out under cleanroom conditions.  This ensures quality and trace ability from resin to finished device.

Next Generation Technologies

Aran Biomedical continue to partner with a wide range academic and industrial partners to explore the latest innovations in biomaterials.

  • Nano-structured Biomaterial Surfaces:

Advanced processing techniques for production scale, nano- and micro-texturing of surfaces, to provide optimal spatiotemporal cues for tissue regeneration.

  • Cellular Therapies – Cartilage Regeneration:

Stem cell assisted tissue regeneration utilising Aran Biomedical biomaterial scaffolds as a substrate for stem cell delivery.

  • Controlled Cellular Response:

Physical, surface and chemical engineering of the interface between the biomaterial construct and the host tissue, to enable optimised attachment, growth, proliferation and differentiation of relevant cell phenotype.

  • Plasma-assisted Functional Coating:

Advanced plasma deposition technology for surface engineering of biomaterial implants.