Tapes, Bands & Cables

Aran develops ultra high strength textile implants, to meet the particular requirements of individual clinical applications. For example, densely woven and braided UHMWPE and nitinol constructs offer the tensile strength and stiffness required, whilst ensuring the supple smooth drapability required of a tether, cerclage tape, or load-bearing tissue repair implant.

Implant geometry can be varied along its length, based on functional requirement e.g. flat-to-round transitions, smooth tapers, loops and bifurcations.

High-Strength Tapes

Tapes and bands are developed using high strength materials, including non-resorbable and resorbable polymers and metals. Flat tapes woven from UHMWPE afford high tensile strength, very high stiffness useful for tethering, yet with the drapability of a textile. Tapes are custom designed, and can be developed specifically to meet additional requirements such as knot tying or knot slipping.

Tubular Grafts

Tubular knitted and woven porous grafts serve as a drapable protective collar in orthopaedic applications, including synthetic bone grafting, allograft and autograft tissue applications. UHMWPE may be employed for its high strength and low-friction surface, while resorbable materials can be employed as part of a fully resorbable ligament repair system. Specifications are fully developed to meet the customers requirements.

Nitinol Cables

High strength cables with bifurcates and loops can be used for cerclage, suture tethering, with the pushability of nitinol but the suppleness of a braided construct.