Low Profile medical textile Covers

Proprietary Low Profile Implant Covering Technology

The ValvTEX® technology platform is a proprietary process enabling the application of an ultra-low profile cover for structural heart implants, assembled onto the frame without the need for sutures.

It draws on three main capabilities from Aran Biomedical’s extensive technology portfolio, namely custom implantable fabric development, high precision coatings and thermal forming of textiles. The technology platform can be leveraged when designing fabric covers for MitralAortic, and Tricuspid heart valves.

Next Generation Heart Valve Covering

structural heart cover
Low profile stent cover fabric

Why you should use ValvTEX® proprietary fabric valve covering technology:

Reduced Delivery Profile

  • Custom low-profile fabric designed to conform with underlying frame during crimping and deployment.
  • Fabric compliance minimises pleating to reduce crimp profile.
  • Unique fabric assembly technique reduce or avoids the need for sutures, enabling further profile reduction.

Improve Paravalvular Leakage

  • Selective fabric coating using implant grade elastomers, potentially inhibits the risk of paravalvular leakage, by creating an impermeable seal at select regions of the frame.
  • Fabric coating has been shown not to inhibit endothelial growth.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

  • Reducing or eliminating the need to suture fabric onto the valve frame can significantly improve manufacturing time for the device.
Lowest Profile Fabric for Heart Valves

Interested in the individual technologies used in ValvTEX®?

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