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Covered Stents

PTFE Covered Stents

Aran Biomedical offers PTFE stent encapsulation services for balloon and self-expanding stents. The company has significant expertise covering even the most challenging stent geometries, including conical and flared stents, double flared stents, and even stents featuring integrated electrical components.

Stent covering wall thickness can be as low as 40 micron (0.0016″), ensuring minimum impact to sheath size when moving from a bare metal design.  During the development phase, material encapsulation can be optimised to suit individual stent designs and the indication for use. Multi-axial laser processing ensures an optimum finish for the covered stents and the scope to integrate features into the stent wall.

Indications of PTFE covered stents include:

  • AV/ popliteal or SFA stenosis
  • Peripheral or coronary vessel perforation
  • Endovascular & neurovascular aneurysm repair
Stent covering solutions

Electrospun Fabrics and Implant Covers

The open, randomly orientated porous structure enabled by electrospun materials, creates a scaffold that can encourage tissue in-growth. In this regard they can by developed as stand-alone implants, such as scaffolds or membranes or applied directly onto implant frames. When used in conjunction with other covering techniques such as coatings or PTFE, a smooth surface can be applied on one side, with an electrospun surface on the opposing side to encourage tissue in-growth.

Electrospun covering

Almost any polymeric material can be electrospun and Aran Biomedical has experience with polyurethanes, urethane co-polymers, PET, as well as resorbable materials such as PLGA, PLLA, and PLA. The fibre size, material thickness, and fibre orientation can be adjusted to suit the indication and ensure preferred performance results are achieved.