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Custom Design, Development & Manufacturing of Medical Implants


  • Refine Your Design Concept
  • Leverage Our Biomaterials Expertise
  • Dedicated R&D Cleanroom Facilities
  • Rapid Prototyping Services


  • Improve Your Implant’s Performance 
  • Leverage Our Processing Expertise
  • Access Unique Technology Solutions
  • Accelerate Time to Market


  • Volume Manufacturing
  • Efficient Manufacturing Transfers
  • Components & Finished Devices
  • Regulatory Guidance & Support

End-to-End Product Development Services

Located in the medical device hub of Galway, Ireland, Aran Biomedical is a trusted partner in design, development and manufacture of implantable medical devices. We provide expertise in low profile custom medical fabrics and advanced metal & polymer braiding, as well as high precision biomaterial covering and coating of implants.  Aran Biomedical also has in-depth knowhow in the forming and processing of absorbable materials. Our solutions can be provided as components, integrated into delivery systems or as finished packaged devices. We have a proven track record in innovative design and quality-assured manufacturing to ISO13485 standards, delivering solutions for a range of different markets and medical applications. Aran Biomedical enables you to supply next generation products to clinicians and their patients.