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Endovascular Solutions

Aran Biomedical implant covering solutions extend to a range of applications in the ever growing endovascular market.  Offering both high density woven textiles, PTFE implant covering and polymeric coating, Aran Biomedical can address conventional and next generation stent graft solutions for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repair, as well as the complimentary covered stent solutions for the associated fenestrated and iliac arteries.

Woven Stent Graft Fabric

Woven polyester fabric is a well established method for covering stent grafts.  The introduction of lower denier yarn, along with new development in processing equipment, is facilitating greater reductions in fabric thickness, while maintaining minimal porosity to avoid Type IV endoleak.

Tavi Fabric for endovascular applications

Aran Biomedical offers high density, low profile, woven stent graft fabric for transcatheter stent grafts. Complementary processing capabilities such as coating and PTFE encapsulation, also facilitate design innovations that can address Type I endoleak in next generation devices.

PTFE Covered Stent

Aran Biomedical offers PTFE stent encapsulation services for balloon and self-expanding stents used in the fenestrated and iliac arteries.

The company has significant expertise covering even the most challenging stent geometries, including conical, flared and double flared stents, where stent designs aim to integrate with endovascular grafts.

Stents covering wall thickness can be as low as 40 micron (0.0015″), ensuring minimum impact to sheath size when moving from a bare metal design, while the ends can be laser processed to contour around the strut geometry.

PTFE covered stents

Knitted Stent Graft Fabric

Along with providing woven medical grafts for the endovascular market, Aran Biomedical’s expertise also extend to knitted stent graft fabric for surgical implantation.

Knitted Stent Graft Fabric

Ribs and other features can be integrated into the fabric to improve its ability to conform and reduce propensity to kink.  The fabric can also be coated in resorbable/ non-resorbable materials to improve impermeability characteristics.

For more information on Aran Biomedical’s textiles and biomaterials range, check out the medical textiles guide.