Finishing & Assembly


Aran Biomedical employs micro-machining to deliver high quality product finishing and feature integration, such as porous structures for biomaterial films or creating the final product gross dimensions. The pore shape, size and distribution can be varied to suit indication for use.

CAD-CAM controlled micro-machining uses the following processing technologies:

  • Planar and rotary systems
  • Micro-milling
  • Cauterising
  • Perforating
  • Surface texturing/ finishing

Packaging & Sterilisation

Aran Biomedical offers a variety of packaging materials and sterilisation options, which ensure that an effective sterile barrier is achieved and maintained during distribution and storage. Utilizing automated form, fill and seal packaging machinery, we provide turnkey, validated, packaging solutions to meet any branding, labelling and volume packaging requirements.

All sterilisation of products is carried out externally, and is tightly monitored in accordance with our Quality Management System. We determine and validate the appropriate sterilisation conditioning methods (ethylene oxide (EtO), Gamma irradiation, E-beam) in accordance with recognised international standards.