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Neurovascular Solutions

Designing minimally invasive devices for neurovascular intervention can be extremely challenging. The devices must be small and flexible enough to carefully navigate the winding, delicate anatomy of the tiny blood vessels that run through the head and neck, while being sophisticated enough to complete their function once they arrive at the target site.

Vessel Occlusion

Vascular plugs and occlusion devices are widely used as an effective means of selectively occluding blood vessels. They can be used in treating conditions such as aneurysms and haemorrhage, or to reduce blood flow to tumours etc.

Neurovascular Vessel Occlusion
 Aran Biomedical offer several solutions for enabling novel occlusion device design. Neurovascular frames can be integrated with a textile, encapsulated with an electrospun material or coated with a thin polymeric film. The materials can be applied in very low profiles, with the addition of shape forming or laser machining as required.

Embolic Protection

Filters and porous implants can be designed using resorbable and non-resorbable materials to treat a number of different neurovascular indications. Typical designs include, carotid embolic protection devices, such as ‘Umbrella’ designs featuring laser processed thin polymeric films.

Minimally invasive Embolic Protection devices

Wide Neck Aneurysms

Covered braid solutions by Aran Biomedical offer a compelling and versatile new option for the treatment of both ruptured and unruptured aneurysms.  Ultra thin elastomeric coatings conform with the braid during crimping and deployment, and offer exceptional flexibility for tortuous anatomy.

Wide Neck Aneurysms

By coating the braid, an impermeable barrier is achieved and the number of wires used in the braid can be reduced without impacting radial force.  Rather than high density braids of micro fine wire, or multi-layer braid constructs, braids with less wires that offer good radial force can be used.