Lowest Profile Implant Covering Solutions

Aran Biomedical has developed proprietary techniques for applying sutureless fabric covers onto structural heart frames. Removing the need for sutures to attach fabric onto a frame, can help to reduce profile, while dramatically improving labour time and resource requirements.

Custom Manufacturing of Implantable Fabrics

  • Significant expertise with regard to implantable fabrics,  from yarn preparation to post-processing of textiles.
  • Textiles can be braided, knitted and woven, depending on the indication.
  • Extremely low profile textiles, ideal for structural heart indications
  • Proprietary fabric-to-frame technology

High Precision Coating Capabilities

  • Elastomeric membranes can be applied to laser cut or wire formed frames with thicknesses from as little as 5µm (0.0002”)
  • These ultra low profile coatings can be applied to the most complex implant geometries, from laser cut & braided frames, to shape formed medical fabrics

Thermal Forming

  • Post-processing techniques can help to improve the form and function of implantable fabrics.
  • Fabrics are heat set to control characteristics such as pore size and compliance, offering isotropic stretch or, in tubular form, controlled radial and elongation properties.