Aran Biomedical are attending CIRSE 2017, taking place from 16th – 20th September in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference is dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in inteventional radiology and runs alongside IDEAS 2017 (Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium), which discusses the latest in Aortic interventional repair.

Representatives from Aran Biomedical will be attending to meet industry representatives and discuss the company’s solutions for developing implantable cardiovascular devices. Aran Biomedical offers a complete range of solutions for covering cardiovascular implants, including textiles (woven, knitted and braided), polymeric coatings and PTFE encapsulated frames. These versatile solutions support indications ranging from structural heart implants, to AAA/ TAA grafts, occlusion devices and covered peripheral stents.

Aran Biomedical offers an end-to-end product development service, from design input at concept phase, to the supply of finished and packaged commercial products.

To schedule a meeting at the show, please contact